Terms & Condition



  • All prices of tour packages do NOT include:
    • International flight from country of origin to Tel Aviv, Israel and relevant airport expenses;
    • Extra nights accommodation if you arrive before and/or leave after the tour dates;
    • Travel insurance;
    • Personal expenses while in Israel.


  • Registration is considered valid if done through our website http://www.bestour.org or by email to info@bestour.org by submitting the following:
    • a filled and signed registration form (scanned and sent via email);
    • a scanned copy of your passport, valid for at least 6 months after the date of your return to your country of origin;
    • proof of transfer of initial deposit of US$500 per person.
    • full payment should be made at latest 1 month before tour starts.


Cancellation made by tour participant for any reason whatsoever will be charged a cancellation fee as follows:

  • US$500 if cancellation is made before or at 90 days before tour starts;
  • 50% of total tour cost if cancellation is made 60 days before tour starts;
  • 75% of total tour cost if cancellation is made 30 days before tour starts;
  • 100% of total tour cost if cancellation is made 7 days before tour starts. No refunds will be made if participants do not show up on the day.
  • If the cancelling participant is able to find a replacement, his/her payment may be refunded, provided that the replacement participant immediately pays in full. Refund will be processed only after full payment of the replacement participant is received. A cancellation fee of 10% from the total tour cost will be deducted from the total refund.
  • Refunds will be given at latest 30 days after the tour starts.

Cancellation by the participant for any reason whatsoever must be done in writing via email to info@bestour.org to ensure a written record of the date of cancellation so that the cancellation fee can be applied properly and will not be detrimental to either party.

BESTour may cancel the trip under the following circumstances:

  • The number of participants registered does not reach the minimum number of 13 people;
  • An event beyond the control of BESTour (force majeure), which forces BESTour to cancel the tour, occurs. These events include, but are not limited to: war, strike, riot, crime, or natural disasters and industrial disasters, as well as other events beyond the control of BESTour which is deemed to affect the smooth running and safety of the tour.

In the event of cancellation by BESTour due to lack of number of participants:

  • All fees paid by participants will be refunded in full; OR
  • Participants will be offered to join a similar tour with other groups, provided that a schedule is open and available. If participants are willing and able to join another tour schedule, the paid costs will be diverted to pay the cost of the new tour schedule. In case there is a difference in tour costs, the participants must pay the difference, or in case the price is lower, BESTour will issue a refund of the difference.

Cancellation due to lack of participants will be announced by BESTour at the latest two months before departure.

In the event of cancellation by BESTour due to force majeure or events beyond the control of BESTour, then as much as possible BESTour will refund the costs paid by the participants, as long as the vendor’s cancellation and refund policy allows for such, and in accordance with the vendor’s cancellation and refund policy. If the vendor’s cancellation and refund policy does not allow for a refund, then BESTour is only obliged to return the funds which are still under the possession of BESTour. If the participants’ funds have been fully used towards the payment of vendors, and the vendor’s cancellation and refund policy does not allow for a refund, BESTour is exempted from issuing a full refund of the participant’s payment.


  • The itinerary, tour sites, and tour events may change at any time according to the situation and condition in the field, with consideration to the safety and security of travels.
  • BESTour strives to provide the best service during the trip. We and our vendors in Israel take responsibility of the ground transportation and hotels. However, we are not liable for any accidents, loss or theft of goods or money, arrest due to the participant’s criminal act resulting in deportation, or delays and cancellations due to strikes, governmental regulations and other events beyond the control of BESTour. It is therefore recommended that each participant purchase their own travel insurance to protect themselves from losses due to such risks.
  • All expenses and travel arrangements due to participant’s deviation from the group tour schedule at their own will, either by changing, reducing, or adding travel routes is the sole responsibility of the participant.
  • If a participant decides not to participate in any of the group tour events or site visits or provided meals for any reason whatsoever, the cost for the skipped part of the tour is non-refundable.
  • All decisions made ​​by BESTour are absolute and inviolable.
  • By signing the registration form, paying a deposit or in full, and agreeing to this Terms and Conditions, the participant is deemed to have read, understood, and accepted the Terms and Conditions and agrees to be bound by the provisions set forth herein.